Colonoscopy: Risks and Side Effects of the Procedure

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Colonoscopy: Risks and Side Effects of the Procedure

To evaluate the inside of the colon, a very special procedure is done by the gastroenterologist. That procedure is called colonoscopy. It is used to evaluate the large bowel.  A flexible tube in a big size of four feet in length and the thickness of the pipe is approx. similar to the thickness to our finger is used to conduct Colonoscopy. The gastroenterologist enters this tube with an attached camera to find out the problem.  A torch is also inserted along with the tube to ensure clearer visibility during the procedure. Dr. Ram Chandra Soni, the best Colonoscopy doctor in Faridabad is extensively trained to perform colonoscopies in use. Till now he has performed more than one lakh colonoscopies.

Gastroenterologists suggest this test in some special stage of some very serious diseases such as abdominal pain, colon cancer, blood in the stool, diarrhoea and more. The colonoscopy cost may vary at different hospitals but it is not that expensive to afford. In some charitable diagnosis centres, colonoscopy is available at attractively discounted prices.  

If we talk about the risks of this special test than yes there are some risks and side effects of colonoscopy, but they are mostly minor. In some cases, risks may increase to an upper level. In such condition patients have to admit the early symptoms and inform to his colonoscopy doctor. Below you can read about the risks and side effects of colonoscopy:

Risks and side effects of colonoscopy:

There is a risk to get bleeding and tear due to the colonic wall. These are very minor risks which can be fixed under a very short time.  If by chance due to any special class, case or chances these risks turn in some serious issues, doctors immediately take an action to control the situation. So it is better to choose a trustworthy and experienced gastroenterologist. Gastroenterologists give sedation to the patients before starting the test so the patients may feel some discomfort due to the reaction of sedations that a colonoscopy doctor uses to inject the person. Bleeding is a very common risk during the session and it gets stop automatically. But if in case if a patient complains about a bad stomach on, continuously and more the delay can be dangerous. So be careful, stay updated on what to do situation if any type of emergency falls.

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