Colon Cancer is becoming a Major Health problem everywhere in the world, when detected early it can be curable in almost 90% of Patients. People whose is of 50 years of age or more are likely to suffer from colon cancer as compared to the younger one.

There are strong medical evidence supports that abnormal genes for colon polyps and cancer can be passed from Parent to Child, which are unable to control the growth of polyps.

Often, people don’t know they have Colonic Polyps, until the doctor finds it during a regular check-up or while testing them for some other problem. If the polyps get large in size, they can cause symptoms and complications such as bleeding from your rectum, change in bowel habits includes diarrhea, constipation, frequently going to the bathroom than usual, or a change in color of stool.

Research reports say that in the early stages these types of cancer are 90% Curable, so one should be careful about symptoms. Screening should be definitely done after the age of 50 years or in case of any Heriditical evidence.