Learn the benefits of device in diagnostic and therapeutic purposes from Dr. Ram Chandra Soni- Gastroenterologist in Faridabad. A new and advanced device which has come in Armetrium of the gastroenterologist is endoscopic ultrasound. As it is formed of two words endoscopy and ultrasound, it is a machine which is a flexible tube which is an endoscope that has a camera and light attached to it and it has an important advance that it has an ultrasound probe at the tip of it and that is why it is known as endoscopic ultrasound. So what are the uses of this new and very funky-looking machine? This machine is available to us and it is very useful for the evaluation of various diseases of the GI tract like Esophageal tumors, Esophageal diseases, Stomach diseases, Early Gastric cancer, various Submucosal lesions of the stomach, Duodenal lesions as well as it is very important for the Biliary and pancreatic tumors and lesions like Bile duct cancers, pancreatic cancers.

Pancreatic cysts which are like water balloons in the pancreas. So these are the various important causes where we utilize endoscopic Ultrasound. It has been used today both for diagnostic as therapeutic purposes. We have a specialized instrument known as Endoscopic Fine Needle Aspiration which is a specialized needle that goes through the endoscopic ultrasound machine. The usage of this fine needle aspiration is to take cytology and the biopsies from the lesions like bile duct cancers and pancreatic cancer lesions.