Gastroenterologist in Faridabad explains How to Boost your Digestive Health through Exercise

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Gastroenterologist in Faridabad explains How to Boost your Digestive Health through Exercise

We know that exercise is important for overall fitness and for your healthy emotional state of mind. It also keeps your digestive system to run smoothly throughout. If you are active then it keeps your healthy weight and also prevents digestive problems such as bloating and constipation. This helps in absorbing your nutrients properly. The basic role of our digestive system is to digest the food particles so as to provide energy to the whole of your body. Stress and an unhealthy diet can result in digestive disorders such as bloating, constipation, and wind. There are huge benefits of exercise on your digestion says, Dr. Ram Chandra Soni – Best Gastroenterologist in Faridabad.

Regular physical activity can help in stimulating the gut system so that digestive problems are prevented. With good physical activity, the blood flow to all your muscles will flow properly and thus keeping the muscles of the digestive system working. Exercise helps in easing out stress. Issues like IBS gets improved with physical activity. There is also lessening of the gallstone formation. Our gut flora helps in playing important role in safeguarding our immune system. This also stops the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and works in the digestion of food and absorption of essential nutrients.

You must know that athletes have diverse gut bacteria. Also, the athletes have higher proportions of types of microorganisms than the controls. Exercise works as a therapeutic factor in enriching your healthy gut system. You must have noticed that after heavy work out, you have to rush to the bathroom. This is because your heart pumps out blood and oxygen thus keeping muscles healthy and aiding digestion.

You can try different exercises to improve and keep your digestive system healthy. There are many benefits of exercise on your digestive system and some important tips to keep your digestive system healthy are as:

Do yoga every day:

There are many yoga poses like forward bending and twists that help in preventing constipation. Yoga also lessens the severe problem IBS. Different yoga postures keep your immune, digestive system healthy and ongoing. See the Benefit of exercise on your digestion within a few weeks.

Intake plenty of fluids:

Using of fluids such as water helps in the prevention of constipation. This causes the waste to get removed and aids digestion.

Be active:

Being physically active every day, be it a walk or jogging helps in keeping your digestive health good.

Choose exercise according to your age:

Mild or moderate exercise helps in aiding your digestion as compared to vigorous work outs.

Do practice deep breathing exercises:

Abdominal breathing exercises help in strengthening diaphragm and improves your acid reflux.
You must talk with your physician and help in determining the best level of exercise for you. You must share with your family about exercises and also encourage them to do so. Whatever your condition some form of physical activity helps in relieving your GI signs. There are evidence that physical activity lessens the risk of colon cancer, prevents gastric cancer, prevents fatty liver, stops IBS and constipation. You may feel lazy before doing any form of exercise but it is for your health that mild exercises should be done to keep your gut healthy. A healthy gut is a healthy you.

However, before jumping into any exercise routine, have a one on one consultation with your general physician. This is essential especially if you are pregnant, under the age of sixteen or an older adult.

So, what are you waiting for? Buckle up to bring on a perceivable boost in your digestive system by exercising daily.

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