Best Liver Specialist in Faridabad explains everything about liver disease

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Best Liver Specialist in Faridabad explains everything about liver disease

Liver disease is spreading very fast. This disease is seen in people of almost all ages. According to a study, about one million people in India are suffering from the liver disease every year. These figures are sufficient to tell the status of liver disease and they also indicate that if liver disease is not stopped in time, then the number of liver patients may increase in the coming few years.  In such a situation, it is wise to get complete information about liver disease because if liver disease is not treated in time, then a liver transplant is required in that situation. If you are also unaware of the information about liver disease, then do not delay because this disease can happen to you too. So come, through this article shared by Dr. Ram Chandra Soni – the best Liver Specialist in Faridabad, get complete information about the liver disease so that victory over this disease can be achieved.

What is liver disease?

The liver is an important organ of the human body, which is located on the right side of the abdomen and between the ribs. The liver mainly performs many functions like digesting food, removing toxins from the body, transporting blood to other parts of the body, etc. But when the liver is unable to perform any of these functions, then that condition is called liver disease.

Also, liver disease refers to a disease that affects the functioning of the liver. Liver diseases are mainly of many types such as hepatitis, liver damage, liver inflammation, etc.

What are the types of liver disease?

There are mainly many types of liver diseases, some of which are as follows-

1. Jaundice– This is the most popular liver disease, in which the color of the eyes becomes yellow. Generally, the problem of jaundice is more in newborn babies. If it is not treated at the right time, it can even cause the death of children.

2. Liver Cancer– When cancerous tissue builds up in the liver, it is known as liver cancer. Various types of cancer can occur in the liver, the most common type being hepatocellular carcinoma, which begins in the main type of liver cell (hepatocyte).

3. Hepatitis – This is another type of liver disease, which is caused by the hepatitis virus. If this problem is not treated in time, it can take a fatal form.

4. Liver failure- The liver disease is the most common type of liver disease, it occurs in the condition when the liver is unable to function properly. The chances of liver damage are more in those people than they consume alcohol in excess.

5. Swelling in the liver– It has often been seen that some people have swelling in the liver. This problem is mainly caused by eating rust food, eating oily food, etc. The stomach of the person suffering from this problem is not clean and he has to take the help of medicines.

6. Liver cirrhosis– When cells in a person’s liver become depleted and fiber cells grow along with them, that condition is known as liver cirrhosis. The solution to this problem is possible only through liver transplants.

7. Fatty liver – Fatty liver refers to a disease when fat or fatty tissue accumulates on the liver. It has become a very common problem in today’s era, affecting about 28 percent of the people around the world. Like any other disease, liver disease or liver disease also has some symptoms, which indicate its occurrence.

The symptoms of liver disease are as follows-

1. Feeling of weakness- If a person feels very weak, then it can be a sign of the onset of liver disease. So he should not ignore it and should immediately contact the doctor. Yellowing of the eyes and white of the skin- Another symptom of liver disease is yellowing of the eyes and whiteness of the skin. If a person sees this symptom in his body, then he should inform the doctor.

2. Abdominal pain and swelling– If a person complains of abdominal pain and swelling, then it can be a sign of liver disease. In such a situation, he should get his health checked and solve this problem.

3. Swelling of feet and ankles– Some people have swelling in feet and ankles. Although it is cured by some home remedies, if this problem lasts for a long time, then it should be taken seriously as it can be a sign of liver disease.

4. Vomiting- Another symptom of liver disease is vomiting. Some people do not take vomiting seriously, as a result of which they have to face serious illness.

5. Itching on the skin– If a person has itching on the skin, then it can be a sign of liver disease. For this reason, he must get it checked and possible treatment should be done for it.

What are the causes of liver disease?

Liver disease occurs due to many reasons, some of them are as follows-

1. Infection – The liver disease can be caused by an infection. For this reason, people are advised by experts to avoid any kind of infection.

2. Having a genetic cause- If other members of a person’s family have any liver-related disease, then that person is also more likely to have it.

3. Consumption of alcohol in excess – If a person consumes alcohol in excess, then he is more likely to have liver damage, because the effect of alcohol consumption is directly on the liver.

4. Having diabetes– The liver disease can also happen to a person who has diabetes. In the case of diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin, so the liver is also unable to perform its function properly.

5. Constipation- If a person has a complaint of constipation, then he may have liver disease because it has a direct effect on his digestive system and it also affects the liver.

6. Being overweight– Another reason for having the liver disease is also being overweight. In such a situation, the person should keep his weight under control and if it has increased a lot, then he should get it treated immediately.

Treatment of Liver Disease

Most people think of liver disease as an incurable problem and hence they do not solve it, but this is not true, but like any other disease, liver disease is also treatable, which can be done in the following ways-

Doing blood test- The liver disease can also be treated by blood test because in this it is ascertained to what extent the disease has spread in the body. Through blood tests, it is also found out that due to which liver disease has happened.

Ultrasound or CT scan- Sometimes doctors treat liver disease by doing some tests like ultrasound or CT scan. Through these tests, it is ascertained that how much the liver has become damaged.

Lifestyle changes – The simplest way to treat liver disease is to make lifestyle changes, which include eating nutritious food, not using alcohol, etc.

Taking medicines- Sometimes liver disease is also treated by medicines. These drugs work to prevent liver disease.

Liver Transplant – When no other methods of treatment of liver disease are not effective, then a liver transplant is done in that situation. In a liver transplant, the damaged part of the liver is replaced with the liver of a healthy person.

How to prevent liver disease?

As it has been clarified above by the best Liver Specialist in Faridabad that liver disease is spreading very fast nowadays, in such a situation the question is coming to the mind of people that how can it be avoided.

They are very worried about this question, if you are also worried about it, then you can avoid liver disease by adopting the following methods-

Do not consume alcohol- As it has been clarified above that liver diseases are also caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, so the easiest way to avoid them is not to consume alcohol.

Maintaining weight- If a person is suffering from liver disease then he should control his weight so that the sugar level and blood pressure level in his body remain normal.

Taking medicines from time to time- A person suffering from liver disease should take the medicines given by the doctor from time to time so that he can recover quickly.

Eating nutritious food- Like any other disease, nutritious food is a decisive contribution to liver disease, so the person suffering from it should take full care of his food and should consume only nutritious food.

Taking care of the skin- A person suffering from liver disease should take full care of his skin and he should avoid infection in any way as it can prove to be harmful to him.

Wearing a mask- A person suffering from this disease should wear a mask while going out of the house so that no toxic substance can enter his body.

Seek medical help- If ever suffering from liver disease has any health-related problem, then he should contact the doctor immediately because doing any kind of carelessness can put his life in danger.

Hepatitis is the main cause of liver disease, so if it is controlled, then liver disease can also be controlled. Despite this, it is unfortunate that even now people do not have much knowledge about the liver disease that is why they are not able to get proper treatment for it. Thus, we hope that reading this article by Dr. Ram Chandra Soni – the best Liver Specialist in Faridabad has been helpful for you as we have tried to give essential information about liver disease in this article. If you or someone you know wants to get more information about liver disease, then they can get a free consultation by calling +91-9811446141/ 8800501960 for this.

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