Best Gastroenterologist in Faridabad explains how to prevent Acidity?

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Best Gastroenterologist in Faridabad explains how to prevent Acidity?

There have been people who complain about burning sensations in their chests or they claim to have acidosis? Have you ever wondered what acidity is or how it is caused? How is acidity caused and what is acidity? The condition of acid reflux, or acidity, affects many people, some on a daily basis. Young people complain more about acidity. There has been a significant rise in the number of people suffering from acidity due to sedentary lifestyles and the high consumption of unhealthy foods. In this condition, the stomach acid is pushed back up into the food pipe, causing heartburn in the lower chest area or a sour taste. Most people are unaware of the unhealthy eating habits and poor lifestyle choices responsible for this condition. Let us dive into the article shared by best Gastroenterologist in Faridabad. Read on!

The symptoms of acidity 

  • During the treatment, patients experience burning sensations in their stomachs, throats, and hearts.
  • Frequently burping or hiccuping for no apparent reason. 
  • Chest pain and burning sensation. 
  • Long-lasting sour taste in your mouth or back up of bitter acid into your throat and mouth.

What causes acidity? 

Food goes through the oesophagus and into the stomach. The stomach produces acid, which is produced by the acid-producing glands. This acid is necessary for digestion and for killing bacteria (pH *4). A large amount of acid is produced by the gastric glands, above the level needed for digestion. 

Some people have high levels of acid or their food pipe is open. Food pipes have valves that close the area between the stomach and food pipe, but in some cases, this area remains open, and acid rises continually as a result.

What can be done to reduce acidity?

Our gut health is affected by the food we consume. The importance of a healthy lifestyle, eating habits, and sleep patterns cannot be overstated.

  • People who work late at night or do not have a sleeping schedule are more likely to have acidity problems. Consuming oily, sour, sour, and spicy foods, coffee, and tea have also been shown to increase acidity issues in people. People with acidity issues should work on controlling their taste buds or, if need be, refrain from consuming acidic foods.
  • Exercise also contributes to digestion and improves one’s bowel movement, so it prevents acidity. At least 30 minutes of exercise every day is recommended.
  • In some cases, cold milk can relieve acidity. Consuming it in excess may result in rebound acidity. 
  • You don’t have to go to the doctor every time you have acidity. Digene, Gaviscon, and other antacids are available over the counter. If you are experiencing recurring acidity, see a specialist. The best Gastroenterologist in Faridabad will prescribe medicine. 
  • Medicines can also cause acidity sometimes.

Acid reflux is not a serious condition. On the other hand, chronic acidity can cause other health problems or damage the oesophagus. It is possible to confuse acidity with other chest disorders that can be fatal. If you experience persistent symptoms of acidity after taking medications, you should see your best Gastroenterologist in Faridabad.

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