Best Hepatitis B Doctor in Faridabad giving an overiew of Hepatitis B

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Best Hepatitis B Doctor in Faridabad giving an overiew of Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a severe type of hepatitis caused by a virus. It affects people of all ages worldwide. Hepatitis B affects the liver. A virus can cause serious illness, liver damage, and, in some cases, death. Let us deep dive into the article by Dr. Ram Chandra Soni, the best Hepatitis B Doctor in Faridabad giving an overiew of Hepatitis B.

What are the different types of hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B infection can be acute or chronic.

Acute: An acute infection occurs when you become infected with hepatitis B for the first time. The majority of people recover from an acute infection. This is true for about 4 out of 5 infected adults.

Chronic: If you do not get rid of the infection in six months or more, you have chronic hepatitis B (chronic means long-lasting). Chronic hepatitis B results in inflammation and serious, even fatal, diseases such as liver cancer and cirrhosis. Treatment can slow the progression of the disease, reduce the risk of liver cancer, and improve survival rates.

How does hepatitis B affect the body?

Despite being infected, some people never become ill. Others who have recently been infected experience symptoms for several weeks. There can be mild or severe symptoms, such as muscle or joint pain, stomach pain, loss of appetite, fever, loose stools (diarrhea), fatigue, constipation, etc.

The majority of people infected with hepatitis B as adults recover from their symptoms. If you have Hepatitis B, don’t despair. Find best Hepatitis B Doctor in Faridabad specializing in hepatology to help you with treatment options to best fight the virus.

What are the risk factors for hepatitis B infection?

  • Babies whose mothers have hepatitis B.
  • Babies adopted from countries with a high hepatitis B prevalence.
  • Those who have had unprotected intercourse and/or have been diagnosed with a communicable disease. 
  • Medical professionals. 
  • People who exchange syringes or needles.
  • People who live in close quarters with a chronic hepatitis B patient.
  • Dialysis patients.

Hepatitis B is diagnosed in a variety of ways:

1. Blood serum (or plasma) tests

2. Abdominal ultrasound

3. Liver biopsy

Hepatitis B is a liver disease that may be extremely dangerous to one’s health. One of the most serious aspects is that, because it destroys the liver, it may easily go unnoticed for years. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, talk to your doctor about getting tested for hepatitis B. Follow your doctor’s advice if you test positive. Dr. Ram Chandra Soni is the Best Hepatitis B Doctor in Faridabad, if you have any problems about Hepatitis B. Give him a visit today.

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