Why You May Need A Colonoscopy

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Why You May Need A Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy is a crucial procedure for examining the colon, often associated with older individuals. However, its significance extends beyond age, offering valuable insights into gastrointestinal health for people of all ages. Let’s delve into why you may need a colonoscopy and how to navigate the process.

Exploring the Benefits of Colonoscopy

Beyond its role in rectal cancer screening, a colonoscopy serves multiple purposes in gastrointestinal health. Here’s how it can benefit you:

Cancer Screening:

Routine colonoscopies, typically recommended every ten years starting at age 45, play a vital role in detecting rectal cancer early, enhancing treatment outcomes.

Diagnosis of Intestinal Issues:

Colonoscopy helps identify the root causes of various intestinal issues, including irregular bowel movements, abdominal pains, and gastrointestinal discomfort.

Therapeutic Interventions:

In addition to diagnosis, colonoscopy aids in therapeutic interventions. It can remove blockages or place stents to alleviate issues stemming from injury, illness, or postoperative complications.

Recognizing Signs That Warrant a Colonoscopy

While your doctor will order a colonoscopy based on your medical history and symptoms, certain signs may indicate the need for further evaluation:

  • Changes in bowel habits
  • Rectal bleeding or blood in stool
  • Abdominal pain or persistent bloating
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Fatigue or shortness of breath

These symptoms, while common, should prompt a discussion with your healthcare provider to determine if a colonoscopy is necessary.

What to Expect During a Colonoscopy

If recommended, understanding the procedure and preparation is essential:

  • Preparation: Prior to the procedure, you’ll undergo a laxative regimen to ensure optimal colon visibility.
  • Procedure: The colonoscopy, lasting approximately 30 minutes, involves the use of anesthesia for comfort. During this time, polyps may be removed, and tissue samples taken for biopsy.
  • Recovery: Plan for someone to accompany you home post-procedure, as you may feel drowsy due to the anesthesia.

Schedule Your Colonoscopy in Faridabad

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