Stomach Specialist doctor in Faridabad explains how to get rid of stomach problems

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Stomach Specialist doctor in Faridabad explains how to get rid of stomach problems

Better Digestion Tips: Stomach diseases have become very common today. These not only increase discomfort in people, but in some cases it causes pain. Therefore, it is necessary to eat healthy food. Good food removes digestive disorders. As per the Stomach Specialist in Faridabad – Dr. Ram Chandra Soni, the way of eating and drinking also affects health. In such a situation, digestion is better by following certain rules while eating and get rid of stomach diseases. Let us know which rules will benefit from following.

Follow these rules related to eating to get rid of stomach problems, you will get benefits.

-According to Dr. Ram Chandra Soni, when it comes to digestion, it is necessary to fololow the instructions related to food. According to him, eat food only when you are hungry, that is , when the food already consumed is fully digested. many times we feel that we are hungry, but this can be due to lack of water which is called dehydration.

-Food should be eaten comfortably. Sit and eat and eat without distraction. Try not to turn on the TV while eating, not read any book, use neither the phone nor the laptop.

-Eat the right amount, everyone’s stomach needs are different and size too, so eat accordingly. Also, eat only till the hunger subsides.

-Eat hot food that is fresh and made immediately. Avoid eating food left out of the fridge to keep your stomach healthy. This allows digestive system enzymes to function properly.

-Keep in mind what you are eating together as it may present a risk of stomach upset. As an example, we can say that do not take fruit and milk together, do not eat milk and fish together.

-Eat good food, which is juicy or contains little oil. This improves digestion and brings nutrients to the body. Avoid eating too much dry food.

-Eat in full conciousness, use all five of your senses. Smell the food , see it, taste its flavours.

-Do not eat too fast, do not swallow, and take time to chew food. Chewing food is an important process in improving digestion.

-Eat meals on time.

The stomach specialist is also known as a gastroenterologist. Dr. Ram Chandra Soni is a specialist Gastroenterologist in Faridabad, Delhi NCR. He is specialized in the treatment of the entire digestive system and sees the patient of different ages. Doctor Ram has years of experience in Gastroenterology and treatment.

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