What Are The 5 Steps To Lessen Heartburn And Indigestion

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What Are The 5 Steps To Lessen Heartburn And Indigestion

Bloating, gas, upset of stomach, abdominal cramping, and huge discomfort after eating are common things that can happen to you. Some of us have this digestive problem very often. Indigestion is common among the majority of the population. People may have poor eating habits such as chewing food incompletely, the irregular taking of meals can result in insufficient production of digestive enzymes. As soon you start eating your food your body begins to release different types of digestive enzymes from salivary glands, small intestine, and stomach. Each of the enzymes plays a vital role in breaking, digestion, and absorption of food inside. Insufficiency causes indigestion and bloating. Check out the blog by Dr. Ram Chandra Soni, the best Gastroenterologist in Faridabad to know what are the 5 steps to lessen heartburn and indigestion.

Feeling bloated and acidic disrupts your satisfaction. Indigestion and gas are some of the common issues that people all around the world observe. Heartburn and indigestion are the results of bad choices of food you make. You might have seen people vomiting, feeling heavy, and bloated after heavy meals in a party or marriage. This stops them from enjoying meals and sick issues can trouble them a lot at present and in the future.

Heartburn (Acid reflux) happens when your lower esophagus muscles do not work accordingly. There is backflow of food and acids into the esophagus. There is a burning discomfort inside the upper belly. Remember a time after heavy meals when your esophagus begins to burn. Your bloated stomach troubled you and so you went to the chemist and grabbed an antacid. Many numbers of people are suffering from heartburn and indigestion so you should never ignore the signs and correct it on proper time.


  1. Fiber-rich food: For good digestion, the amount of fiber is very important. This fiber-rich food helps in bulking up and pushes up digestion and waste product out. There will be complete detoxification of your system. Those fibers can be in the form of cereals, vegetables, nuts, grains, and water. Fibrous food is vital for digestion and also prevents other diseases such as coronary artery disorder, hemorrhoids, diabetes, and colorectal cancer.
  2. Digestive enzyme supplements: There ae digestive enzymes that help in promoting digestion and also increases the absorption of nutrients. Sometimes because of poor diet, we are lacking in digestive enzymes so there is a need to use them externally. Taking extra digestive enzyme regulates your digestion. Digestive enzyme comprises of a mixture of lipase, cellulase, amylase, and protease. Those enzymes work in better digestion of many different foods. These are economically available and can help you a lot in relieving from stomach troubles, says Dr. Ram Chandra Soni, the best Gastroenterologist in Faridabad.
  3. Stop excess of antacids: Stomach acids work in the digestion of food and sometimes this acid only gets reflux and increases burning sensation. Antacids help by neutralizing the stomach acids. But the excessive usage of those antacids can lead to bacterial infections. Lessen your heartburn and indigestion by limiting the antacids.
  4. Probiotics: Bacteria in our system keeps our inner ecosystem healthy. The disbalance of gut bacteria are affected by unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, stress, and alcohol. Supplementing natural probiotics helps in making your digestion better. Once you will take probiotics, you will naturally feel better digestion.
  5. Exercise and drink water: For healthy digestion, physical exercise is needed. Stress is the main cause of indigestion and so if you walk post meals, this helps in regulating passages of food and gas inside the digestive system. This stimulates bowel activity and stops bloating and constipation. Yoga, swimming, and cycling are important activities that one must do. Water is beneficial for digestion. It contains minerals that are beneficial for you. Heartburn happens due to a shortage of water in your system so keep the water level balanced.

Heartburn and indigestion cause problems with your eating. One may not be able to enjoy the food and sometimes he or she has to stop the intake of food. Indigestion that occurs once in a while can be overlooked but frequent causes of indigestion and heartburn should be treated. If you are foody then never let stomach problem come in between you and your food. Eat what you like lime, spicy, tangy, and sour meals. The main goal is to enjoy food and be happy while you eat.

Those who have problems with their digestive system have to make choices what to eat and what not to eat. Keeping your digestive system healthy is important. Enjoy and relish the taste of all meals without getting any indigestion and acid reflux problem. One should avoid food triggers and start eating in small meals. Keep your diet healthy and nutritious. Follow those 5 steps to lessen heartburn and indigestion and observe the change within you. You will be relived from your frequent stomach problem by following some steps.

Most people have problem with Heartburn and indigestion problem one time or other. When your condition is severe, do not neglect and you can consult best gastroenterologist in Faridabad Dr. Ram Chandra Soni. He diagnoses, treats your gastric, liver problem. If you have any problem, you can take his appointment and consult him.

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